German Book Information Centre

With funding from the German foreign ministry, the German Book Information Centre was established in 1998 as the overseas representative office of the Frankfurt Book Fair, in co-operation with the Goethe Institute in Beijing. It serves as a bridge between German and Chinese publishing and media industries.

As an open information and communication platform, the German Book Information Centre cooperates not only with German and Chinese publishing houses, decision makers in the book industry, copyright agencies, wholesalers and retail stores, but also maintains extensive communications with cultural organisations, governmental institutions, members of the media, experts and scholars. It does so through various activities and channels, supporting members of the German and Chinese publishing worlds to further understand and develop both industries.

As a representative of the German publishing industry, the German Book Information Centre devotes its efforts to introducing the business culture of the German book industry to China, and at the same time provides market information as well as information on German planning and marketing concepts and its advanced knowledge in the field of production and operation. The German Book Information Centre draws from the support of the Frankfurt Book Fair, a platform which stands at the forefront of the publishing industry, promoting the inclusion of traditional publishing within the more extensive content industry. It provides all round consulting and services to exhibitors and professional visitors to the fair.


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