Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Hanser is a prestigious name in the German publishing scene, respected by authors, booksellers and readers alike. Hanser products stand for high quality in content and presentation, versatility and topicality of the subjects. Competence, professionalism and credibility mark the actions of the publishing company and the performance of its staff.

The Hanser Publishing House, established by Carl Hanser in Munich in 1928, is one of the few medium-sized publishing firms in German-speaking countries still owned by the founding family. It continually ranks among the 30 largest German publishing houses.

Hanser, as comprehended by our authors, readers and customers, is actually several, rather different publishing companies: A celebrated literature and children’s book publisher as well as an important specialist publisher closely linked to industry. What is published is an extremely diversified spectrum of themes and categories for a whole range of readers, yet deliberately under one umbrella and with joint management. To date, Carl Hanser Verlag boasts 18 Nobel laureates among its authors, including Isaac B. Singer, Elias Canetti, Orhan Pamuk and Herta Müller.


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