HB Entertainment

Established in 2005, HB Entertainment is one of most renowned comprehensive entertainment companies in South Korea. The company covers a wide business scope from film production, TV show production to agency management.

The company has produced many hit shows and well-known movies. Its TV shows include My Love From The Star, Seoyeong My Daughter, Phantom, 49 Days, Air City, Definitely Neighbors, City of Glass and others. Movies include Only You, No Mercy for the Rude, Wedding Campaign, So Cute, A Family and others.

The company has recently bought the copyrights to the following literary works: Long in the Darkness, After Kiss, Cinderella and Four Knights and others. Its contracted actors include Kim Rae-won, Jin-hee Ji, Lee Jin-wook, Jo Sung-ha, Shin Sung Rok, Yoon Chongwha and others.


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