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China Story—Tell the story of a real China
The world is adjoined by enormous live stories, which impel the world to evolve, and from which we find the rule, reason, philosophy and ways of changing the world. Definitely, stories are the common language of the world. From a historical standpoint, they well reflect different cultures, different societies and people of different living styles.

At present, many stories have happened in China, and too often in a mysterious and arguable way. The outsiders want to unveil the truth behind various descriptions. Even the Chines and perplexed so they debate with each other and interpret them from their own different perspectives. What we haven’t realized is that while we are in pursuit of digging out the bottom truth, the dramatic stories have long been fading into the long river of history. As it is, getting back to the stories themselves, we may well get a glimpse of a real and complete picture scroll of China. Getting back to the fate of the ordinary people, we may well have sympathy with the country and understand what have been really happening here.

"China Story" is a non-fiction e-book brand built by Citic Press. Together with people who sensitively observe and watch the development of current China, we intend to keep record of the valuable stories, which offer the world a kaleidoscope to see aconcrete and sensible China. What we can perceive from the stories are radical contrasts, like knowledge and expectation, prosperity and absurd, confuse and power, and a way to the future.

With an opening line told like that by history, we would have a chance to meet each other in stories. From the stories happened in the past, we’ll thus have a chance to meet the future.


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