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Augemted reality changing
media industries
(Photo: M.Jacquemin)

StoryDrive: An international arena for the latest media and entertainment trends

Frankfurt Book Fair, August 28. 2013

Media and entertainment are fields in constant evolution. Frankfurt StoryDrive is the international forum aiming to capture the latest trends in these hectic fields. This event is taking place in the framework of the Frankfurt Book Fair, one of the most important international forums for the publishing sector. Since 2010, StoryDrive has focused on new forms of storytelling and pioneering business models. Leaders from the publishing, film, TV and games industries have the opportunity to present their narrative concepts and offer new perspectives on the media world.

In the previous editions outstanding speakers participated, such as the Harry Potter´s producer David Heyman, the author Jonathan Gottschall, the transmedia expert Louis-Pierre Pharand and gamification specialis Gabe Zichermann. This October, a new generation of stories will be presented under the motto "Fiction is real" and give the chance to new creative figures to express their views.

Boundaries among media industries increasingly blurred

Markets feature everything from crossmedia to transmedia. Thanks to the emerging technology of the so-called "augmented reality", films, texts and game sequences can be experienced in the car, on a smartphone or even on a wall. At Frankfurt StoryDrive, representatives of all the media industries can learn how to put this fusion of fiction and reality to good use and how to turn their stories into real experiences.

The event´s programme will deal with topics such as the fusion of fiction and reality, the user's role in the story and the usage of the whole five senses for narrative purposes. The forum is geared toward a new generation of storytellers such as games publishers and developers, digital, social media, crossmedia and transmedia managers, brand managers and PR experts. It aims to offer them new insights regarding media industries but also access to potential business partners from all the media branches and chances to meet international pioneers working in these fields.

Interdisciplinary roundtables and new pitching formats

The forum will allow speakers and audience members to interact with each other directly. Classroom-style lectures and PowerPoint presentations will be replaced with spontaneous talks and innovative project pitches. In place of a stage, StoryDrive offers a discussion arena. There will be five tables set up in the middle of the room, each hosted by two StoryDrive speakers representing a different media field and a unique vision of the future of storytelling. During the event, attendees will have the chance to sit at the tables and play an active role in the programme. While those who just want to observe can simply take a seat outside of the circle and listen.

StoryDrive is organized in the framework of the Frankfurt Book Fair, where publishing and media companies from all over the world will gather to exchange views and detect emerging trends. As the media and printing sector is very active in Baden-Württemberg, many important representatives from the region will also be present, like, for instance, the publishing houses Klett-Cotta, PONS and Thieme.