StoryDrive China Exhibitions


MetaDesign is Germany's top strategic design consultancy serving clients such as Siemens, Volkswagen, DHL, Nokia Siemens Networks and Munich RE. Our offices in Beijing now easily allow us to work with companies in China and gives us the expertise to create easy-to-implement solutions designed to make brands more distinct in this exciting market. You will find examples of the work we've done in China for companies such as Volkswagen China, Wanjia Media, Mindray and the Zhejiang Daily Press Group. Whether your organization is looking to grow its presence in international markets or find ways to communicate with the local market in creative ways MetaDesign can be of help. Our services include research and analysis, brand strategy development, strategic communications initiatives, visual identity systems, logo creation, and specialized design for sound, motion, retail and packaging. Our work integrates digital, print and other offline media.