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“StoryDrive” Will Come to CIFTIS the Third Time

Beijing International Trade in Services Center, November 30. 1999

“StoryDrive”, born in Frankfurt Book Fair, is a famous brand in the international publishing industry nowadays. “StoryDrive” came to China firstly in the 1st CIFTIS in 2012, and attracted lots of exhibitors, buyers and book fans.

The success of “StoryDrive China” in the CIFTIS attracted attentions of Asian exhibitors. The host has decided to upgrade the “StoryDrive China” to “StoryDrive Asia” in the 3rd CIFTIS, Asian case studies will be added, such as “the Analects of Confucius in Asia”, “ the secret of Japanese comics” , “advantage of Korean publishing industry”, etc. “StoryDrive” provides exhibitors and professional buyers with precious trading information. During the 2012 “StoryDrive China”, “Angry Birds” from Finland successfully transformed to book by the supports from exhibitors and buyers.

Cross-Media will be the new feature of “StoryDrive” this year. Famous cross-media producer Triona Campbell is going to share her professional opinion with us during the fair.

Mr. Holger Volland, vice president of Frankfurt Book Fair, has his own understanding of cross-media. He thought not all projects and products need cross-media, instead of cross-media itself, we should be more focused on the core—story.

“StoryDrive” this year will be an excellent platform for telling and selling stories. Industry experts from fields of literature, film, books, game and design will gather here and together explore new trends and ideas of publishing industry. Chinese well-known figures Ms. Yu Dan and Mr. Guo Jingming will also attend.

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