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StoryDrive ASIA 2014 – Impressions from Day 2

Maja Linnemann, November 30. 1999

On the second day of StoryDrive Asia 2014, the conference fully lived up to its new branding: The stage was dominated by Asian speakers, among them the president of the Asia Pacific Publishers Association, South Korean Eric Yang, Chinese guests Mr. Hu Xiaodong, newly installed general manager of E-Reading Business at online business platform Alibaba, Mr. Wang Jiaming, president of China Fine Arts Publishing Group and Mr. Chen Peng, manager of the HP China Publishing Segment, as well as Mr. Hyoe Narita, CEO of Paris based VIZ Media Europe Group and Mr. Bunsho Kajiya, managing director of Singapore based Shogakukan Asia, both from Japan.

StoryDrive ASIA 2014 – Impressions from Day 1

Maja Linnemann, November 30. 1999

The StoryDrive Asia (formerly StoryDrive China) conference was opened in the morning on Thursday May 29th in Beijing by two short welcome speeches by Jürgen Boos, president of the Frankfurt Bookfair and Mr. Li Yan, vice president of China Publishing Group. This was followed by a series of insightful presentations, discussions and a workshop for the audience. According to the organizers, 70% of the participants were from publishing companies and a majority were first time participants. Also, this year’s conference had attracted the interest of media professionals not only from China but also from many other countries in the region, such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore.

Design meets Story Telling – Sven Ehmann from gestalten

Maja Linnemann, November 30. 1999

Sven Ehmann from the Berlin based art and design book publisher gestalten (=which means ‘design’ in English) took part in a travel program for German editors organized by the German Book Center in Beijing from May 25th to 30th. He was also a speaker at the panel discussion “Design meets Storytelling” on day two of the StoryDrive Asia Conference.

Open to new digital challenges – an interview with Colin Lovrinovic

Kathrin Gruen, November 30. 1999

Colin Lovrinovic is head of International Digital Sales & Marketing with Bastei Entertainment. Bastei Lübbe is one of the first German companies to offer original and innovative content specially produced for English and Chinese-speaking countries. The striking thing about this is that a lot of that content is also written by local authors, for example Cherringham – A Cozy Crimes Series, which was developed by an English-American writing duo.

What are China's creative industries, really?

Jing Bartz, November 30. 1999

According to a recent report, compiled jointly by the Book Information Centre (BIZ), Beijing (the Beijing office of the Frankfurt Book Fair) and the Chinese trade periodical the China Publishing and Media Journal (CPMJ), by August 2013, “the production of the Chinese cultural industry had increased by 60 times in just 10 years, from RMB 30 billion in 2003 to RMB 1,807 billion, accounting for 3.84% of GDP. Over the same period, ongoing integration and cooperation between various sectors such as culture, technology, finance and real estate could be observed.” Book publishing is increasingly included under the wider label “creative industries” – not least by government institutions. But what exactly is meant by China’s creative industries?

“StoryDrive” Will Come to CIFTIS the Third Time

Beijing International Trade in Services Center, November 30. 1999

The success of “StoryDrive China” in the CIFTIS attracted attentions of Asian exhibitors. The host has decided to upgrade the “StoryDrive China” to “StoryDrive Asia” in the 3rd CIFTIS, Asian case studies will be added, such as “the Analects of Confucius in Asia”, “ the secret of Japanese comics” , “advantage of Korean publishing industry”, etc. “StoryDrive” provides exhibitors and professional buyers with precious trading information.

StoryDrive Asia: "Hinter jedem guten Medienprodukt steht eine Geschichte" (in German)

China Radio International & Online, November 30. 1999

Ermuntert durch die Erfolge der vergangenen „StoryDrive China" erfolgte in diesem Jahr die Umbenennung in „StoryDrive Asia". Damit soll die Messe noch internationaler werden, sagt der Kommunikationsexperte Volland: Wir haben vor allem Experten aus Japan und Südkorea eingeladen, und wir werden in den nächsten Jahren den Fokus noch stärker nach Südostasien ausweiten. Unser Traum und unser Ziel ist es, dass StoryDrive die größte Medienplattform für ganz Asien wird.

Fair event’s outreach: Storytelling goes across cultures

SUN YE, November 30. 1999

Skyscrapers, software and digital devices are similar across the globe. But while the world becomes more homogenized, there's an equally strong counterforce seeking the roots and characters of different cultures. That force is so powerful that StoryDrive Asia, the Frankfurt Book Fair's allmedia platform event that starts on May 28 in Beijing, has singled out crosscultural storytelling — stories that shape us — for its 2014 theme.

Eat. Your. Kimchi @ StoryDrive Asia

FAQ, Kathrin Grün, November 30. 1999

Simon and Martina, Eat your Kimchi is now the 18th most subscribed youtube channel in South Korea (congrats!!). Why, do you think is your blog so incredibly popular, not only among Korean people? Or in other words: What`s the secret of your success?

Fiction is real: Media experts discuss new storytelling trends in Frankfurt

Vittoria Carraro, November 30. 1999

What are the new developments of storytelling? Are the boundaries between fiction and reality blurring? What is the user´s role in the story? StoryDrive, the international conference organised in the framework of the Frankfurt Book Fair, focused on these and other questions concerning new forms of storytelling and pioneering business models. A new generation of stories was presented under the motto “Fiction is real”.

TV needs to become interactive: Interview with Triona Campbell, BeActive International

FAQ, November 30. 1999

We spoke with Triona Campbell, Director, Producer and founder of BeActive International, Ireland, about successful TV production and the TV landscape in general. Triona Campbell will be a speaker at StoryDrive on October 11.

Storydrive Speaker Drew Davidson on Augmented Reality Storytelling

Susanne Tenzler, November 30. 1999

Drew Davidson will be part of the StoryDrive program at the Frankfurt Book Fair on 11 October, where he’ll be a panelist discussing “Augmented Reality Storytelling: It’s the End of the Story as We Know It.”

'The Attack' Wins Frankfurt Book Fair Prize for Best International Literary Adaptation

Scott Roxborough, November 30. 1999

Director Ziad Doueiri and screenwriter Joelle Touma adapted Yasmina Khadra's novel about a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

StoryDrive – all media conference

Frankfurt Book Fair, November 30. 1999

along with the Frankfurt Book Fair

Meeting narrative visionaries from across the world: Dmitry Glukhovsky at StoryDrive

Frankfurt Academy, November 30. 1999

Dmitry Glukhovsky is a Russian author and journalist known for Sci-Fi, Magic-Realism, and his exploration of social and political structures. He began writing his first novel, Metro 2033, at the age of 18, and then published it on his website in 2002, available for all to read for free. We spoke to Dmitry about his current projects – including both novels and videogames. Dmitry will be a speaker at StoryDrive on 11 October.

Speaking at Frankfurt StoryDrive

ZenFri , November 30. 1999

We’re very excited to announce that Clandestine creator Corey King, will be speaking about augmented reality storytelling at StoryDrive in Frankfurt, Germany on October 11th .

StoryDrive: An international arena for the latest media and entertainment trends

Frankfurt Book Fair, November 30. 1999

The new edition of the international forum for media will beat the Frankfurt Book Fair in October

The Best of Frankfurt StoryDrive & StoryDrive China 2013

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