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Speaking at Frankfurt StoryDrive

ZenFri , November 30. 1999

We're very excited to announce that Clandestine creator Corey King, will be speaking about augmented reality storytelling at StoryDrive in Frankfurt, Germany on October 11th.

Connected to the world's largest Book Fair, StoryDrive is an international forum for trends and innovation in media and entertainment. Since 2010, this event has focused on new forms of storytelling and pioneering business models. "Fiction is real", is the motto for this year's conference as StoryDrive focuses on a new generation of stories.

This year has been wild for us, with talks on Clandestine: Anomaly taking us all over the world. Though not speaking at the conference, Danielle is slated to attend.

Neither Corey nor Danielle have ever been to Germany, and both are looking forward to the adventure.

About the Talk from the StoryDrive Website:

"Reality has many faces. So does fiction. Now we can add another one to the list thanks to the latest technologies and innovative storytelling concepts. "Augmented reality storytelling" definitively removes the boundaries between fiction and reality, between reality and virtuality.

In 2008, "augmented reality" was already showing up as one of the top ten new technological developments. Mobile analyst Juniper Research forecasts that revenues will top 1.5 billion dollars in 2015. The trend follows the hype.

International storytelling pioneers and experts in the field of "augmented reality" will field questions from the audience. This exchange with attendees will be preceded by an introduction to the topic "augmented reality storytelling".