StoryDrive China: “More stories in a variety of media”

FAQ, November 30. 1999

“Tell your story differently”, this year’s motto of StoryDrive China (29. + 30 May 2013) sparked the interest of Nick Eliopulos, editor of Scholastic’s multi-platform Infinity Ring series. We talked to Nick Eliopulos about the chances of cross-industry interactions for children’s publishing and why he believes that cross media promotion opportunities will have a huge impact on the future of publishing in general.

Why Interactive Fiction is “Just Really Hard to Do”

Mark Piesing, November 30. 1999

It is easy to be impressed by a certain Hollywood quality to the first chapter of The Numinous Place, announced at last year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. The Numinous Place is a supernatural thriller told in a combination of video and audio clips, graphic novel sections and traditional written text, whose protagonist, Henry Amadeus Meat, stumbles into a mystery following a series of deaths at a Los Angeles sleep clinic. Mark Staufer is offering the closing keynote address, “The Rebirth of Storytelling,” at Frankfurt Academy’s StoryDrive China conference, which takes place this May 29-30 in Beijing.

StoryDrive China and the future of media industry

FAQ, November 30. 1999

At StoryDrive China, Bartłomiej Rozbicki, CEO Ars Thanea, will talk about his personal views on transmedia storytelling and the future of games. Ars Thanea is a Warsaw based production studio working with some of the most renowned international brands: HBO, GE China, Ubisoft, Disney, to name a few. One of the biggest Game-hits is Puzzle Craft, currently played by 2.000.000+ players worldwide. 30% of the players are based in China.

How stories grow and overcome media boundaries: An Interview with Juergen Boos on the 2nd edition of StoryDrive China

China Press and Publication Daily, November 30. 1999

We should look at it the other way around: China might not necessarily need StoryDrive but StoryDrive needs China! China definitely adds value to the conference. The international creative industries long to incorporate Chinese skills and abilities, especially with regards to content and a multimedia approach.

Jingdong Battles Dangdang, Amazon for China’s Online Book Buyers

Publishing Perspectives, November 30. 1999

Jingdong (JD) wants to become the smartest, if not leading, online bookseller in China — and perhaps the rest of the world.

The Master of Multiplatform

Interviewed by Kimberly Bradley, November 30. 1999

Long ago, in a galaxy not far away at all, Matt Costello was the first to boldly go where no man has gone before – the world of multiplatform storytelling and writing. Once a journalist and already a novelist, Costello became, in the early 1990s, the first author to write a video game with The 7th Guest. Since then his work has spanned genres and platforms, including more games (like Doom 3), horror novels like Vacation and the upcoming Home, games that were also novels (Rage, 2011) and children’s books, like Magic Everywhere!. He’s even written and consulted for television. Here, the cross-media writing pioneer explains how he got where he is, and where things might be going.

The Power of Storytelling: Q&A with Jonathan Gottschall

Publishing Perspectives (PP), November 30. 1999

Good stories are the main ingredient of almost all media. But stories also play a vital role for the evolution of our societies. At the StoryDrive China Conference in Beijing on May 29th this will be discussed in depth with international experts. We asked one of the key note speakers and Storytelling expert Dr. Jonathan Gottschall about the power of stories.

Creativity is a craft that can be learned

Nicole Stöcker, November 30. 1999

Gregor Ade will appear as a speaker at the conference StoryDrive China in Beijing in May. He has been a managing partner of the Peter Schmidt Group since the beginning of 2011. Prior to that, from 2008 he was head of the Corporate Design Team in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. After studying at the Offenbach University of Art and Design, he worked for two years with the branding agency MetaDesign and then, in 2000, co-founded the firm ade hauser lacour kommunikationsgestaltung in Frankfurt am Main. Today, Gregor Ade is a member of the board with the German Designer Club (DDC) and a member of the Art Directors Club (ADC). From 2006 to 2008 he taught typography at Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

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