MATT COSTELLO(马特 • 科斯特罗)
Interactive & creative consultant, multimedia master
author (novels, games, TV and film)

Matt Costello's award-winning work across all media has meshed story, gameplay and technology.

He scripted and designed dozens of best-selling games including the critically acclaimed The 7th Guest, Doom 3, G-Force and Pirates of the Caribbean. He scripted and created the game world for Id's 2011 major release, Rage.

His novel Beneath Still Waters was filmed by Lionsgate. His recent novel, Vacation, was a major 2011 release from St. Martin's Press, and the sequel, Home, was published this past October. Next year brings his SF epic, Star Road.

Matt, with co-writer Neil Richards, is working with Screen Australia and media company Loud & Clear to create a major transmedia property, Eventide – a fantasy universe for kids that will feed into apps, games, and a trilogy of novels.

His children's books include the series The Kids of Einstein Elementary
(Scholastic) and Magic Everywhere (Random House). Matt's written episodes and created TV formats for PBS, Disney, SyFy, and the BBC, and he consults on story, games and multiplatform around the world.

You can see more at: www.mattcostello.com 

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