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China Book Business Report

China Book Business Report is a central-level trade media openly circulated at home and abroad. CBBR publishes 16 pages on Tuesday and Friday, The national subscription code is CN11-0130, the postal distributing code is 1-217, and international code is D-4584.

CBBR, founded in 1995, is the only trade media among a batch of book-related media in China combining news report of political economy with that of industrial economy within publishing industry, possessing industrial property, keeping up with the market trend, covering widely all the publishers and local distributors, having professional consulting brands like bestseller lists based on national Mega Bookstores & Private-owned Bookstores, as well as CBBR-Oriental Data which offers bestseller lists based on more than 1000 bookstores across China, and highlighting international perspective with our cutting-edge and in-depth reports on international publishing issues. CBBR is widely hailed as No. 1 media in China publishing with its high-quality content and spread of influence.

Currently CBBR has formed a complete architecture covering every aspect of publishing and media, which includes specials and pages on important news, group & Industrial economy, distribution, trade publishing, professional publishing, educational publishing, international publishing, CBBR’s data, industry stocks analysis, reviews on book industry and information supermarket, etc. CBBR print publications include weekly subsidiary “journals” such as China Traditional Media Weekly, China New Media Weekly, China Reading Weekly, China Book Marketing Weekly, China Printing Weekly, China Library Market, China Editors, and Digital Publishing, etc.

Owing to the word-of-mouth effect and influence in the publishing field, CBBR won the title of most-preferred trade newspaper evaluated by advertisers, in the competition for the 2009 China advertisers’ accurate delivery award, sponsored by China Periodicals Association and China Newspaper Association; successively CBBR won the honour of the most influential brand of trade media in China in 2011, sponsored by China Media Forum Academic Committee and StandChina, and won the award of Top 100 brand media in China in 2011 and 2012.

♢ CBBR is the Sole BIBF-designated print media since 2005.

♢ CBBR is authorized exclusively to publishing English-version of Frankfurt Book Fair China Special by GAPP for more than 7 years.

♢ CBBR is authorized exclusively by Korean newspaper The JoongAng Daily to co-publish International Soul Book Fair China Special and BIBF Korean Special in 2008.

♢ CBBR is authorized exclusively by GAPP of China and Russian counterpart to publish Russian-version of Moscow Book Fair China Special cooperated with Russian Book Reviews in 2007.

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