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China Publishing Group

China Publishing Group Corporation (CPG), founded in 2002, is China’s most influential publishing group in the trade and professional book publishing. It holds a leading position in terms of the brand,scale,book retail market share as well as publications import and export, and art collection transactions in China.

Our business is composed of three parts: that is publishing, publications import and export as well as art collection transactions.

As for publishing, we have over 40 publishers and imprints, which publish more than 10,000 new titles every year, holding no. 1 position in China’s book retail market. CPG has more than 50 newspapers and magazines, which have great influence nationwide.

CPG’s publishing houses fall into three categories chronologically. The first category is composed of three publishing houses established in the late 19th century or early 20th century: The Commercial Press, Zhonghua Book Company and the SDX Joint Publishing Company.

The Commercial Press, established in 1897, is the oldest publishing house in the modern sense in China. It mainly focuses on dictionaries and references, and academic monographs, of which the Translated Series of Western Academic Classics, which includes works of ancient Greek Philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle to modern western thinkers, has great influence among Chinese intellectuals. The series has published more than 600 translation titles from the 1930s until now. The Press has a long term relationship with Oxford University Press.

Zhonghua Book Company just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012, specializes in publication of Chinese classics and academic monographs.

The SDX Joint Publishing Company, established in 1932, is the best brand in publishing works of social sciences and humanities in China. It has a strategic partnership with Harvard University.

All these three publishing houses have made great contribution to China’s modernization process.

The second category is the People’s Literature Publishing House, the People’s Fine Arts Publishing House and the People’s Music Publishing House.
All these three presses, established 60 years ago after the founding of the republic, are the best brands in their respective fields in China.

The third category is China Encyclopeadia Publishing House and China Translation and Publishing Company, which were founded after China’s Reform and Opening up to the outside 30 years ago, are the best in their respective fields. China Encyclopeadia Publishing House has a strategic relationship with Encyclopeadia Britannica and other famous Encyclopeadia and reference book publishers in the world.

In recent years, we have also merged some major publishers in China,such as China Democracy and Legal System Publishing House ,which was under the administration of the People’s Congress, and Sino Culture Press ,which was under the administration of the United Front Department of CPC.

As for book import and export business, we have China National Publications Import and Export Corporation under our umbrella, which occupies more than 60% of import business and more than 30% of export business in China. It is also the organizer of Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF).

As for the art collection dealings, CPG boasts Rongbaozhai, an art gallery with a history of more than 300 years. It is the most well-known gallery in China as far as painting and calligraphy dealings are concerned. Its profit doubles and redoubles year on year.

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