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Zhonghua Book Company

Zhonghua Book Company (ZHBC) was founded by Lufei Kui in Shanghai in January 1912. In its early years, ZHBC adhered to the principle of“enlightening the people” and played a positive role in disseminating knowledge and culture and promoting new-style education. Since 1958, it has been specializing in the editing and publishing of Chinese classic works and relevant academic works, popular readings, and reference books. It assumes the responsibility to carry on and promote the traditional Chinese culture and provide readers with quality products on the culture so that people in China and the rest of the world will know better about this great culture.

ZHBC mainly edits and publishes the Chinese ancient and modern classics in literature, history, and philosophy, compiles various informative materials, local chronicles, chronology, ephemeris, indexes, and chronicles of events, photocopies of some rare or important ancient books, organize the publishing of research works that critically inherit China’s cultural heritage, selectively publishes the research works since the “May Fourth Movement” on the studies of cultural heritage, and produces a few abridged editions, translations and annotations, popular readings, and language dictionaries as well as periodicals such as Chinese Heritage, Chinese Culture and History, Literature and History, Book Reviews, and Chinese Loose-Leaf Selections. ZHBC’s representative publications include History as a Mirror, Collection of Inscriptions on Oracle Bones, Collection of Inscriptions on Bronze Objects of Yin and Zhou Dynasties, Chinese Dazang Buddhist Canons (Chinese Language Section), and Annotations to the Records of the Western Regions. In particular, Twenty-Four Histories and the edited version of Records on History of Qing Dynasty are recognized as New China’s greatest projects of ancient book compilation and publishing. On popular readings, the series of “official version” of histories, 1587: A Year of No Significance, and Professor Yu Dan’s Confucius from the Heart are widely acclaimed among readers.

Over the last century, ZHBC has received provincial and ministerial rewards for nearly 200 titles and won the largest number of national awards among publishers across China. In 2007, it won the title of “Model Publisher” in the first China Publication Government Awards. In 2009, it was honored as one of “China’s Top 100 Book Publishers” by GAPP.

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