Special Exhibitions


The design of a book cover directly influences the sales of a book and is an important stage in the publishing process. When books head out of a country and come into contact with unfamiliar readers, what sort of role does the design of the cover play?

When different works of literature are spreading around the world, the covers of the book also change to different degrees, in addition to changes in language. Though the cover is small, its transmission through cultures is not insignificant: when a story is transmitted to another culture, the publisher makes adjustments ith regard to the cover text, pictures, colors and composition based on the tastes of the local audience. There is no doubt that an excellent cover will allow a book to stand out from its peers.

A selection of 20 covers of famous Chinese and foreign books have been made for this year’s cover exhibition, among which there will be cultural classics such as The Dream of the Red Chamber, as well as global best sellers and long-time sellers such as One Hundred Years of Solitude. Through displaying different covers of the same book in different markets, we hope that audiences are able to think about cross-cultural transmission and better understand the needs of international markets from another perspective, and also appreciate or criticize cover design art from different regions.

Special Note: The aim of this exhibition is cultural exchange: there is no commercial interest. Due to time limitations, the pictures are from online data searches; for this we wish for the understanding of all parties.

Special Exhibitions: