Su Tong(苏同)
Founder and CEO
Hylink Advertising

Su Tong is the founder and CEO of Hylink Advertising, the leading full service digital advertising agency in China. Dedicated in advertising for more than 10 years, Su Tong has accumulated abundant media and advertising experience, and became the trailblazer and driving force in development of digital advertising in China.

Focused in development of online advertising since 2002, Su Tong has led the Hylink to become China's leading agency in online advertising and e-Marketing. Hylink has lots of premium clients, including: BMW, China Mobile, BOC, Shanghai GM, KFC, Midea, and Suning, etc.

Su Tong has original and insightful views in the trend, traits, core value and implementation strategy of digital marketing. He has played an important part in the development of China's online advertising market through his outstanding strategic thinking, resources reorganization capability and control of overall situation.

Su Tong was named by the China Advertising Association as "National Top Ten Managers" in 2005, named by Internet Society of China as "Top One Hundred People in China Online Advertising 1997-2007" in 2007 and named by the China Advertising Association as one of the "30 Most Influential Figures in China Advertising During the Past 30 Years" in 2008.