Director of Development
Sony Pictures Animation

As Director of Development for Sony Pictures Animation, Jenny Marchick is responsible for the creative supervision of a number of upcoming features for the studio, from inception to script through production, including THE FAMILIARS, with executive producers Sam Raimi & Josh Donen, and director Doug Sweetland, the Academy Award®-nominated director of the 2008 Pixar short PRESTO; Janet Foxley's MUNCLE TROGG, the 2010 Times (of London)/Chicken House book prize winner; KAZORN AND THE UNICORN, a comedy fantasy also with executive producers Sam Raimi & Josh Donen; and HOW TO SURVIVE A GARDEN GNOME ATTACK with producer Robert Zemeckis.

In her role, Marchick is also in charge of discovering and acquiring new creative material and intellectual property aligned with the vision of Sony Pictures Animation including books, comics, video games, shorts, websites, and toys.

Marchick's extensive experience in production and development also includes executive positions at Mandeville Films, Twentieth Century Fox and Disney Channel working on projects such as BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA, THE TOOTH FAIRY, DATE NIGHT and KNIGHT AND DAY.