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VIZ Media Europe Group

President, CEO of VIZ Media Europe (VME) from 2011, he has dedicated his career to growing markets for Japanese content and entertainment. After nine years in Japan, working in the publishing industry for Shogakukan, Inc., he had spent the last 15 years at VIZ Media, LLC in San Francisco, helping VIZ Media become a market leader in manga distribution and ensuring that the latest in Japanese manga is made available to U.S. readers. As Executive Vice President of VIZ Media, LLC in San Francisco, Narita was responsible for all of VIZ Media’s publications in the United States, including the negotiating process for rights to publish Japanese products in North America. He has overseen the publication of Pokémon books and was responsible for publishing more than 100 books in a two-year period. He was instrumental in developing a series of Shonen Jump manga for U.S. distribution. In Japan, he worked at Shogakukan on publications such as: CanCam, the country’s #1 fashion magazine, a monthly magazine targeting 18-25 year old women; Petit Seven, a bi-weekly top fashion magazine for teenage girls, where he directed the Celebrity pages with TV/Movie actors/actresses interviews; and Big Comic Spirits, a weekly manga magazine targeting 18-25 year-old men.

Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo, he graduated from Keio University.

Speakers: (in alphabetic order)
SYD ATLAS(席特 • 阿特拉斯) | KURT BEIDLER(白驹逸) | BO MI MOON(文普美) | JUERGEN BOOS(岳根 • 博思) | GAVIN BROWN(加文 • 布朗) | TRIONA CAMPBELL(翠奥娜 • 坎贝尔) | JAMES CHAU(周柳建成) | CHEN PENG(陈芃) | SVEN EHMANN(斯文 • 埃曼) | MICHAEL HEALY(迈克尔 • 希利) | HU XIAODONG(胡晓东) | BUNSHO KAJIYA(加治屋文祥) | LAO DU(老杜) | AMY LIU(刘新颖) | COLIN LOVRINOVIC(陆文翎) | MARTINA & SIMON(玛蒂娜 & 西蒙) | HYOE NARITA(成田兵衛) | CLAUDIUS NIESSEN(克劳迪尤斯 • 尼森) | FELIX RUDLOFF(菲利克斯 • 鲁德洛夫) | JEFFREY SHARP( 夏洁锐) | TAN YUE(谭跃) | PIET VERHOEVE(皮耶特 • 菲尔荷韦) | HOLGER VOLLAND(傅蓝) | WANG JIAMING(汪家明) | ERIC YANG(梁元锡) | YU DAN(于丹)