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YU DAN(于丹)
Well-known culture scholar, Professor
Beijing Normal University

Yu Dan: Well-known culture scholar, Beijing Normal University Professor, doctoral tutor, Dean of the Beijing Institute of Culture Innovation and Communication, Vice Dean of Beijing Normal University’s Art and Communication School.

As a specially invited research fellow of the State Department council, well-known television planner and universal communicator of classical culture, she has popularized and spread traditional culture on CCTV programs including Lecture Room and Cultural Viewpoints, and through such lecture series as Yu Dan’s Insights into the Analects, Yu Dan’s Insights into Zhuangzi, and Appreciation of the Analects. She has activated the classical spiritual gene that belongs to the Chinese nation, and has generated a wide influence in cultural and educational spheres both at home and abroad. She has conducted over 1,000 lectures on traditional culture in China’s mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and also in countries including the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia, receiving widespread praise and initiating a boom in the study of the classics among people in China and overseas. She is the author of Confucius from the Heart, Yu Dan’s Insights into Zhuangzi, Yu Dan – A Walk in the Garden and the Interruption of a Dream – A Journey through the Art and Aesthetics of the Kunqu Opera, Yu Dan – Appreciation of the Analects, Yu Dan – The Enjoyment of Sampling Life and Yu Dan – Reviewing the Most Beautiful Ancient Poetry, with the book Confucius from the Heart receiving the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Award, with sales of the simplified Chinese character version reaching over 6 million copies, it has been reprinted many times, and has already been translated into over 30 languages and been distributed to multiple countries. As of today, 400,000 foreign language versions have been sold.

Speakers: (in alphabetic order)
SYD ATLAS(席特 • 阿特拉斯) | KURT BEIDLER(白驹逸) | BO MI MOON(文普美) | JUERGEN BOOS(岳根 • 博思) | GAVIN BROWN(加文 • 布朗) | TRIONA CAMPBELL(翠奥娜 • 坎贝尔) | JAMES CHAU(周柳建成) | CHEN PENG(陈芃) | SVEN EHMANN(斯文 • 埃曼) | MICHAEL HEALY(迈克尔 • 希利) | HU XIAODONG(胡晓东) | BUNSHO KAJIYA(加治屋文祥) | LAO DU(老杜) | AMY LIU(刘新颖) | COLIN LOVRINOVIC(陆文翎) | MARTINA & SIMON(玛蒂娜 & 西蒙) | HYOE NARITA(成田兵衛) | CLAUDIUS NIESSEN(克劳迪尤斯 • 尼森) | FELIX RUDLOFF(菲利克斯 • 鲁德洛夫) | JEFFREY SHARP( 夏洁锐) | TAN YUE(谭跃) | PIET VERHOEVE(皮耶特 • 菲尔荷韦) | HOLGER VOLLAND(傅蓝) | WANG JIAMING(汪家明) | ERIC YANG(梁元锡) | YU DAN(于丹)