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Managing Director
Shogakukan Asia

In order to expand the business and capture the market in ASEAN region, Shogakukan Asia, a 100% subsidiary of Shogakukan, was set up in Singapore last year.

During the company setup process, he initiated and led this project and was designated as a MD of this English publishing subsidiary in 2013. Within a quarter after its operation, he managed to publish 4 educational books such as Life-Size Dinosaurs and Shogakukan NEO Paper Craft Series : 3D Dinosaur 1.

Beside edutainment publication, he is currently planning to release English-translated Japanese comics, for instance Doraemon, MAGI, Detective Conan and so on. As a regional Hub, he will distribute the English-translated titles from Singapore to the neighbor ASEAN countries and create original contents through collaborating with local creators from potential pool of talents in this market.

Experienced publishing and Media executive through the career.

Shogakukan Inc.: Shogakukan founded in 1922, is the largest publishers of general books, encyclopedia, magazines and manga in Japan with gross annual revenue of 110billion yen and about 750 employees.

2012~2013 Producer of Global Business Development
2009~2012 Producer (Senior Manager) of International Licensing
2002~2009 Manager of Character Business Development
1999~2002 Assistant Manager of Web Business and editor of Translated Novels
1982~1999 Assistant Managing editor of magazines

Speakers: (in alphabetic order)
SYD ATLAS(席特 • 阿特拉斯) | KURT BEIDLER(白驹逸) | BO MI MOON(文普美) | JUERGEN BOOS(岳根 • 博思) | GAVIN BROWN(加文 • 布朗) | TRIONA CAMPBELL(翠奥娜 • 坎贝尔) | JAMES CHAU(周柳建成) | CHEN PENG(陈芃) | SVEN EHMANN(斯文 • 埃曼) | MICHAEL HEALY(迈克尔 • 希利) | HU XIAODONG(胡晓东) | BUNSHO KAJIYA(加治屋文祥) | LAO DU(老杜) | AMY LIU(刘新颖) | COLIN LOVRINOVIC(陆文翎) | MARTINA & SIMON(玛蒂娜 & 西蒙) | HYOE NARITA(成田兵衛) | CLAUDIUS NIESSEN(克劳迪尤斯 • 尼森) | FELIX RUDLOFF(菲利克斯 • 鲁德洛夫) | JEFFREY SHARP( 夏洁锐) | TAN YUE(谭跃) | PIET VERHOEVE(皮耶特 • 菲尔荷韦) | HOLGER VOLLAND(傅蓝) | WANG JIAMING(汪家明) | ERIC YANG(梁元锡) | YU DAN(于丹)