China Publishing and Media Journal

China Publishing and Media Journal, once called China Book Publishing Report, has been praised as the No.1 media outlet for China’s book publishing industry. It serves the upstream, midstream and downstream of publishing and media industries, including relevant industrial entities, organizations, companies, and practitioners. It publicizes the guidelines and polices introduced by the Party and the government for the publishing and media industries, covers and releases information on the development and reform of the industries, edits and reports the news of political, economic, financial and business activities within the industries, spreads industrial expertise, provides and publishes dynamic monitoring data of the publishing and media markets and carries articles on the trends of overseas publishing and media industries. It has won the reputation of top media outlet for China’s book publishing industry for all the work it did.

China Publishing and Media Journal boasts five centers, namely News Gathering and Editing Center, Weekly Special Issues Center, Marketing and Brands Promotion Center, Center for General Processing of Content, and Financial, Administrative and Human Resources Center.

News Gathering and Editing Center consists of sections like Industrial News, News about Group Companies, Distribution Channels, Reports on Publishing, World Publishing, Journal Data and Information Desk, as well as lately introduced sections, such as Views and Observations, Industrial Park, Private Book Publishing Sector, and Book Fairs and Exhibitions.

Weekly Special Issues Center is composed of China Reading Weekly, China Publishing and Marketing Weekly, China Editors Weekly, China Library Collections Weekly, China Communication Weekly, China New Media Weekly, China Digital Media Weekly, China Printing Weekly and other weeklies.

Staff at Marketing and Brands Promotion Center base their work on the realities of the publishing and media industries and offer customized advertising and marketing services during major book fairs and industrial activities, meeting customers’ individual needs with high professional standards. The center conducts extensive exchanges and cooperation in marketing with industrial players and outside observers from home and abroad and actively seeks new models of brands promotion and operation.

China Publishing and Media Journal has cooperated with German, French, Russian and Korean partners and published special issues on Germany, France, Russia and South Korea with detailed depictions of development of the publishing industry in these countries. In this way, the journal has made a major contribution to building a closer relationship between Chinese publishers and their overseas counterparts, as well as corresponding bilateral and multilateral cooperation.


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